What is PsicoDiscover?

Welcome to PsicoDiscover, a website where you can discover the world of psychology.

On my blog you can find articles on various areas of psychology, psychotherapy and coaching. Also tests, book recommendations, music, entrepreneurship, reflections, etc, all related to psychology.

About the author of this website.

I am a person who loves to learn, not for the mere fact of accumulating degrees, but because of the need to discover new paradigms that help me move forward in my life. That is why I have multiple interests, such as psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, NLP, coaching, music and marketing, since I am discovering that the more you learn, the more relationships can be established between seemingly separate areas. And above all…

“The more I know, the more I realize what I still have to learn”

I invite you to stay on my website to discover everything about psychology.

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